The Alice Cooper Tour Programs
Created by Darren Wirth South Australia 19.04.2009

All images are from my personal collection of Alice Cooper Tour Programs or otherwise permission granted as noted. This work is for information only to assist fans interested in collecting Alice Cooper related tour programs. No profit or gain is made from this website.

Authors and Alice Cooper Books
As a result of this website I have been fortunate enough to have been asked by two well known music authors to provide assistance with their books.

"I Was There, Gigs That Changed The World" by Mark Paytress

"I Was There, Gigs That Changed The World" by Mark Paytress, (A renowned authority on Marc Bolan and T-Rex). Alice Cooper are featured in a two page spread about the 30th June 1972 Empire Pool UK concert. I assisted with the Concert program which was specifically produced for that concert. The concert was part of the actual Killer Tour

I Was There....Hard cover
10th Anniversary update of the "Illustrated Collectors Guide to Alice Cooper" by Dale Sherman

This is the 10th Anniversary update of the "Illustrated Collectors Guide to Alice Cooper" by Dale Sherman.  I with others was able to read the drafts and offer comments where appropriate. It was an enjoyable experience being able to assist with Dale's updated edition of the book. The original version has become a collectors item in its own right and I'm sure this edition will follow. For the update I was able to provide advice about the many tour and concert programs that have been created for Alice Cooper 's tour and concerts. Many of the programs from this site were used in the book.

Following Alice's Adelaide concert on the 29th August  2009 I met Alice after the show as a part of his VIP upgrades and asked him to sign my copy of this book that Dale had signed and sent me. Alice was unaware of the book and was quite impressed saying, "its an encyclopedia about me" . After some talk, Alice asked me how he could get a copy of the book. Well I said, I would do it somehow. Thanks to Dale Sherman we were able to give Alice and Jamie Johnson a copy of the book.

As an Alice Cooper fan I can only say that this is a must have book to add to your Alice collection,even Alice Cooper himself agrees!
I Was There...soft cover
The smaller 2nd edition soft cover cover 

Below is Dale's Blog from his Myspace site and to the right is his signed copy by Alice.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009 
Category: Writing and Poetry
A little while back, one of the guys who helped me a lot with information for the book, Darren Wirth, went to a meet and greet with Alice and brought along a copy of the tenth anniversity edition of THE ILLUSTRATED COLLECTORS GUIDE TO ALICE COOPER.

Alice evidently was pretty excited about the book after seeing it and asked if there was a way to get a copy of this "encyclopedia about me" for himself.

So, long story short, I sent him a few copies of the book and in the mail got this copy back signed by him on the front cover and inside as well!  Now all I have to do is figure out a way to get everybody else's signatures in there sometime! 

Here's a pic of the cover for those interested.  Much thanks to Darren for helping to set things up and for Alice for signing it.