The Alice Cooper Tour Programs
Created by Darren Wirth South Australia 10.11.2008

All images are from my personal collection of Alice Cooper Tour Programs or otherwise noted. This work is for information only to assist fans interested in collecting Alice Cooper related tour programs. No profit or gain is made from this website.

The Making of The Madhouse Rock Tour Program
This is the prototype for the Tour program for the Alice Cooper 1978 Madhouse Rock Tour used to promote the album 'From the Inside'. It was from this handmade item that the mass produced tour book was produced.It contains handwritten notes and cuttings stuck into it The book is even held together with black sticky tape on the spine. This is an original one off.

Below are some examples from the inside of the Madhouse Rock Tour Program finished product.

Madhouse Rock version 2 Rear
Madhouse Rock version 2
Madhouse Rock version 2
Madhouse Rock version 2
Madhouse Rock version 2 Front
Madhouse rock version 2
Below some of the pages from the second Madhouse Rock Tour Program