The Alice Cooper Tour Programs
Created by Darren Wirth South Australia 03.05.2007

All images are from my personal collection of Alice Cooper Tour Programs or otherwise noted. This work is for information only to assist fans interested in collecting Alice Cooper related tour programs. No profit or gain is made from this website.

The Guilty Tour Programs (King of The Silver Screen Tour)

The Guilty tour program was produced in two versions as seen here. There are changes on the credits page listing the performers in one but not the other. There are no other differences or dates to determine which was produced first.
The Flush the Fashion and Special Forces Tour Programs

The US Flush the Fashion tour and the US/UK Special Forces tours both used essentially the same tour program but they were printed in their respective countries.  Changes were made to the credits pages as shown in these pictures.
       The US Flush The Fashion Tour Program credited 1980
The UK Special Forces Tour Program credited 1982

Below are some pages from the Flush The Fashion and Special Forces Tour Programs As stated the inside pages are the same except for the Tour credits page see above.