The Alice Cooper Tour Programs
Created by Darren Wirth South Australia 22.09.2009

All images are from my personal collection of Alice Cooper Tour Programs or otherwise permission granted as noted. This work is for information only to assist fans interested in collecting Alice Cooper related tour programs. No profit or gain is made from this website.

Pages from the TRASH Tour Programs
Below are pages from the Trash Tour Programs, this one with Eric Singer

Differences between the TRASH Tour Programs
Below are the notable differences between Trash Tour Programs

The differences start with the cover as mentioned on the main page but here we have the title/ credits pages. The differences here are hard to see in the scans but Eric Singer replaces Jonathon Mover as the drummer. Easier to see is the 'Alive' trademark present in the credits of th burgundy lettered program and Jonathon Mover programs.
The difference here is quite simply, the burgundy lettered program doesn't have the picture of Alice.
Above Left: Yellow text in a smaller font and the pictures although the same are larger

Above Right: The burgundy lettered program has the text in a larger font more spaced and smaller pictures than the other Trash programs.
Left picture shows Eric Singer mentioned in the text whereas the Right picture has Jonathon Mover.
Left picture shows Eric Singer, the Right picture has Jonathon Mover.
Obvious changes in the placement of the text. Left hand picture from the Red lettering covers.